“ my girl she’s gone away
i’m sitting on some hay
gonna get drunk
gonna fuck my truck
Sites to Soothe Anxiety


Simply Noise - A colored noise generator that improves relaxation and focus.

My Noise - most comprehensive collection of noises I’ve come across. You can also customize the noises to your personal taste! My favourite is jungle noise but I also love ocean waves…

Anonymous:  What's your biggest pet peeve? ..... Just wondering..

Hmm.. I really don’t like when people wear shirts or like reblog pictures of bands that they don’t even know or like.. Like if I ask you what your favorite song/album is by them your response should not be: what? I didn’t even know they were a band.. Or anything along those lines. I probably have others too that I can’t think of at the moment.. But thank you for your time and question =^.^=